Company Values

We can bet that no one can understand business like we do. We do not discriminate between businesses depending on whether they are high risk or otherwise. We believe that a business is business and is meant to meet the need of consumers, not withstanding what the need is. And so when it comes to providing high risk merchant accounts, we are your best bet.
We understand that different businesses have different styles of working and that not all fit into a set pattern or model. We are far more relaxed about rules with regards to high risk business or offshore business. It is our firm belief that all businesses have a potential to make it big and that each business carries along with it a certain amount of risk. We are ready to walk that extra mile and take that additional bit of risk just for you.

We hold no bar against the size or kind of businesses, as not everyone has a chance to already start big. When it comes to services, we provide a wide range of services including a virtual payment terminal that includes, debit card and credit card payments. We also have gateways for check processing (ACH) and also provide a portal for online transfers. This facilitates customers to pay using any option in exchange for your services.  Additionally, you can also complete your transactions with us using our online portal.

We are a cut above the rest because of the remarkable services we provide. This includes a processing that is faster than any other, especially given our competitive rates. Our processing speed is one of the best in business. When you apply for a merchant account with us, we ensure we do everything it takes to get you approved.

Your account is setup at lightening fast speed and can also get same day approvals. All of this helps you receive faster payments from your customers and in turn let your business flourish. When it comes to chargebacks, our system has some great tools which can actually reduce your chargebacks significantly. In case you require any assistance or have any doubts, you can always get in touch with our customer support staff that is there at your service.